Trezza Promoted for Valor
Carpool Service Disrupted
  ND - "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", said. Alfonso Trezza from Minot.    "I'm not sure what the mess was, but I knew it didn't smell too good", Trezza reported later.

  NY - Michelina Trezza's carpool from Bronx County to Manhattan  will no longer be running due to unforeseen and unfortnuate  circumstances. Ol' Mickey is doing fine, but won't be driving too soon.
Alfonso Trezza personally supervising removal of toxic waste  from the sitel
Community Theater News
The Bromley Theater Troupe recently completed a well received tour of local communities. In his review, Bazel Trezza wrote , "I had nothing better to do that night anyway." is pleased to host the troupe's video trailer of their forthcoming Superspam roadtour free of charge.

here for the Superspam video
Was Humpty Dumpty Pushed
  NY  - Investigative reporters from our staff    believe they have established that Humpty Dumpty was actually pushed by a Trezza on their way to a bakery in the Bronx.
   According to a man named Bupsy, it was Cuttergrass Trezza that pushed Humpty off the wall, just south of Parker Street, because
Humpty accused both Cuttergrass and Bupsy of petty theft.
   The whereabouts of Cutter- grass remains a mystery. According to Bupsy, Cuttergrass is believed to be working on a new set of  punctuation marks for the English language. Police are requesting assistance with the investigation.
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